Choose Love….



I have been working on the Letting Go method as pioneered by Dr. David Hawkins in his book of the same name.  The method was designed to help us release negative feelings rather than suppressing them, which is what we often tend to do.  It involves looking at an emotion or a feeling when it arises… expanding the feeling… saying Yes to the feeling… exploring any possible “guilty pleasure” we derive from the feeling, and then being willing to release it.  It is a very quick and effective method for moving past negative situations into a more accepting and understanding state of mind.

Whilst it is relatively quick, today it occurred to me that there might be an even faster way to move past the negativity.  Now I am the first to admit that the jury is still out on whether or not what I had come up with is actually affective, or just another avoidance technique… I am certainly willing to give it a go.

What if…

Now bear with me on this one….

What if, we just loved it instead?

Lets say for example we got angry at someone for some perceived injustice.  We could use David’s letting go technique, and achieve peace within the situation and even forgiveness of the other person.  But what if we just loved them?  What if we just loved our anger, and loved ourselves for feeling that way in the first place?  What would happen if we just loved everything, and everyone… just as often as we could and as much as we could muster?

Several times during the course of the day I had occasion to feel upset by something another individual did or said.  So after the initial negative response, I made the conscious decision to choose Love instead.  I loved the person.  I loved the situation.  I loved myself for my part in creating the situation, and basically I just got in touch with my heart and felt pure Love.

The anger and the upset was gone in an instant… and I felt nothing but peace.

Perhaps this is impractical to achieve all the time (perhaps not).  And to be honest I have not yet had the opportunity to test this theory out on anything majorly upsetting.  And like I said, maybe this is just my ego coming up with another avoidance technique to prevent me from properly dealing with negative emotions.  I don’t know.  But I do know that it felt good to Love.  And I do know that I am willing to really give this method a try.

I will keep you posted.

NB// the above image was taken on my iPhone when I got home from an outing the other day.  I walked down my driveway to check the letterbox and found these two camellia petals sitting exactly as you see them here.  I have not moved them or altered them in any way.  A message???  Perhaps 🙂