Eyes to the Sky……


Looking Down Wren

Yesterday I had the absolute honour and privilege of hearing Margie Hyatt LUT from Hawaii speak at my local Unity church in Brisbane..  It was such a special day for me.  Surrounded by people of a like mind, who shared my love and commitment of the Unity message and passion for spiritual growth and development.

Sat intently listening to Margie’s message, I felt  a familiar emotion well up inside of me to the point of almost tearing up.  And whilst I can’t remember her words exactly, I do recall how her words made me feel.  It was a feeling I felt before whilst listening to the Unity message of Hope and of Love.  There is just something about that message that grabs me by the heart and won’t let go.

For a long time now I have been “serving two masters”.  Not in the traditional sense of that scriptural message… but rather in the sense that I have been playing it safe.  Trying desperately to dance upon the high wire whilst still safely tethered to the ground.  It doesn’t work.  Hedging one’s bets, might provide a feeling a security, but one can never truly soar without ever leaving the nest.

Since visiting my ageing father, the topic of death and regret have been on my mind.  Not that I am planning on leaving this Earthly realm anytime soon.  But I do know a thing or two about regret.  I know the anguish of risks not taken.  Fear  has prevented me from unfolding my wings on many an occasion over the years.   Opportunities lost can never be recovered, but it is also never too late to create new circumstances.

The truth is, I have never been more supported than I am at this moment.  Surrounded by people who believe far more in my talents and abilities than I have ever been able to…. if I don’t take a leap of faith now, I fear I will never have a chance like this again.  Serving two masters (i.e. giving only 50% of myself to each pursuit), is producing only half hearted results for each.  Perhaps I could continue on as I have thus far… and maybe with a little luck and perseverance have some success in either or both arena’s.  But even if this were the case, I know myself well enough to know that I will never be truly satisfied.  The customary feelings of regret are already present within the situation, for not giving all that I have to my deepest desires.

Margie’s words touched my heart.

She spoke of living from the heart.

She spoke of embracing and being ALL that we were designed to be.

She lit a fire in my soul.

So now I am faced with  the choice….. do I stoke the flames of that fire… or do what I have done oh so many times in the past, and just sit by, albeit safely, and watch as the embers fade?

Time to take a risk.

Time to take the leap of faith…. and point my eyes to the sky.