Waiting to Bloom….



A pot was left behind in the garden of our new home when we took possession of it.  A pot with a very ugly, scraggly looking plant.  It came as no surprise to me that the previous owner of our property didn’t bother to take this pot plant with him.  It had almost no redeeming qualities to speak of.

And yet I knew it as an orchid, and as such knew of the hidden potential for beauty locked inside.

I kept the plant.

Watered it.

And waited.

Almost a year later, it finally bloomed.  Not spectacularly at first.  The buds remained closed for weeks and weeks before eventually bursting open.  I have always found orchids such curious things.  So ordinarily unattractive on the outside.  For most of their lives they seem to have little to offer the world.  Just being there.  Not doing anything much really.  Not producing fruit, or beauty, or seeds or contributing much at all.  Perhaps even just a drain on resources, without ever seeming to give back.

But then… one day… WOW.  They burst into bloom.  With a beauty that defies all expectation from external appearances.  They provide such an unexpected surprise.  Delicate and yet strong.  Long lasting and unusually beautiful.

My unexpected orchid came into bloom at an interesting time in my life.

A time of transformation and change.  A time of uncertainty.

I certainly can relate to this unassuming plant.  In so many ways, I feel for it’s constant irrelevance.  Until one long day away… it blooms into significance.  Becoming all it was meant to be.


For me I am still a tightly wound bud…. but a bud nevertheless.  Past the stage of being just an ugly pot plant.  But not yet bloomed into full expression and purpose.  What will that bloom look like… I still have no idea.  But surely it must be getting close.  The pain of remaining ineffectual, insignificant, is getting almost too much to bare.  The time is soon coming, for this bud to open and shine her light for all the world to see.  To make the meaningful contribution I was born to make… have been waiting to make… for as long as I can remember.

Just like the orchid… it’s my time to bloom.