“I succeed at many things..”



Much as been written about stopping the negative self-talk.  Even here on this blog.  It is certainly not a new concept to most who are interested in spiritual/self development.  However it still seems to be such an ingrained part of who we are as human beings.

Whilst I am well aware of the negative impact that this type of self talk has on a persons life, I nevertheless caught myself out at it once again this morning.

It has now been 12 months since we moved to our mountain home, and I found myself berating myself for the lack of progress I have made toward my hopes and dreams.  The conversation went something like this…  “you came here for a very specific purpose.  You came here to achieve all these wonderful things, and now 1 year on and what have you done….etc etc”

Fortunately I stopped myself, mid-sentence, and noticed what I was doing.

On the weekend I had attended a workshop with my teacher and mentor and during a conversation the affirmation came up… “I am a success at many things”.  I absolutely loved this affirmation.  Mostly because it was true.  Many affirmations when spoken illicit the immediate response in the mind of “that’s not true”.  That is because many affirmations speak to what we want to be true, but that which is not currently accurate in our reality.  And so we instantly reject them as false statements.

However, “I succeed at many things”, is true.  They may not be the things that we want to achieve, or they may not speak to our long term goals…. but it is 100% accurate that we do in fact succeed at many things.

I successfully got out of bed this morning.  I successfully fed myself, started my computer, checked my email, and began typing a blog post.  Big deal you might think.  But as someone who spent last week caring for her invalid  father, it is actually a very big deal.  Not everyone can do the very basic things I achieved this morning.  The day is still young.  There are many more things than I can and will successfully achieve today.  And the same holds true for you.

On first glance this might seem rather trivial or even silly.

But the point is to move the mindset from one of “I am a total failure”, because I have not achieved all I had planned on by now.  To one of “There is lots that I can and do achieve, and therefore I am a success”.

This is a very powerful shift in one’s perception, and since perception is everything, this might just be one of the most powerful affirmations I have ever come across.  Even if the only thing that is actually achieved from using this affirmation regularly, is for me to stop (or at the very least, cut down) on the negative self talk, then this is huge.

The more I continue to view myself as a failure the more of a failure I will continue to be.  Whilst it is true that the progress I have made in the past 12 months is not exactly what I had originally had in mind, I have made some pretty significant strides, and I need to give credit where credit is due.  I have actually done some pretty brave things of late, things I can be genuinely proud of.  The truth is, that I do succeed at many things.  And I will continue to succeed, and grow and develop and change.

Whether or not I ever achieve the original goals, is mostly irrelevant.  Progress is progress.  Growth is always positive.  Moving in a forward direction is infinitely superior to staying stuck, and whatever I do or do not end up achieving in the long run, pales in comparison to how I feel about myself as a person.  When I said the bad things to myself this morning… I stopped… and I realised just how angry I would be with another person if they had said those things to me.  Why do we allow ourselves to speak to ourselves in ways that we would never tolerate in another person, is still a mystery to me.  But we and we alone have the power to stop it.  And one way is to remind ourselves of just how successful we really are.

So today I acknowledge… “I succeed at many things”… and the more things I do successfully, the more I will continue to recognise and accept how truly successful I am.