Don’t Need to be Rich….



“Unfortunately, I am not a rich person who can buy your wonderful work…” Robert.

The above was a comment I woke to on my Facebook Page this morning, and I must say, I found it really disturbing.  Firstly it is worrying to me that people have the perception that they need to be rich in order to afford to purchase my work.  My work starts from around $2.45 US ($AU3) from my Redbubble site… even less when there are sales on.  Whilst Redbubble have ended the promotion now, for the past two days there was a further 20% off ALL products on the site.  That brings the priced down to under $2US.  Surely you don’t need to be rich to afford that!!

My work is also available for download in varying sizes and formats from my stock sites, particularly iStock, where I have an ever increasing portfolio of work.  Most are images that are not available or even seen anywhere else.  Getting stock images uploaded and accepted is a time consuming process, but it’s something I am working on all the time and eventually intend to have a very extensive portfolio of work, consisting mainly of wildlife, nature and landscape work, but also some portraits and other concepts.

I find it really concerning that there may be a perception out there that my work (or that of any artist) is somehow elitist and only for the rich to enjoy.  I personally lead a very simple life in the mountains which is anything but elitist.  And for those that might be thinking that a $3 sale wouldn’t mean much to a photographer or artist… think again!!!  I know several artists, myself included who would be thrilled over the moon with a $3 sale (even though we get about $0.20 of that).  As I have said many times before…. it’s not about the money, or should I say the amount of money…. it’s about the acknowledgement and validation of our work.  Compliments are fantastic.  We love them.  It means the world to us that people enjoy what we do enough to comment, but I can’t even tell you how much more it means when someone lays down some hard earned cash as well.  And if you don’t want a $3 greeting card or sticker from Redbubble, but would like to show your appreciation for all that I do anyway… there’s a donate button to the righthand side of this page, and guess what… I get to keep all of that 😀 (minus PayPals commission of course)