Choose Peace….



Today Australia marks the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC landing in Gallipoli.  Dawn services have been held right across the country commemorating our “diggers” and remembering the sacrifice they made.

For the weeks leading up today, there have been television programs, newspaper articles, magazines, even some corporations trying to use the occasion as a marketing tool.  I personally have never seen so many recipes for Anzac biscuits as I have seen on Facebook this past week.  And to be honest, it’s all getting a bit much for me.

I have no doubt that I will be slammed for this, but I am over it.

In the town where I live ANZAC day is a huge.  There is the dawn service.  The laying of wreaths.  A parade, and then a huge big community luncheon.  I guess that the smaller the community, the greater the loss is felt when some of it’s own are lost to war.

I understanding where they are coming from.

I appreciate the need to recognise the sacrifice that so many have been called to make (on all sides).

What I am deeply struggling with is the need for such a sacrifice to ever be asked of anyone, ever.  A friend the other day said that she was against war, but that she didn’t see any other way.  I was so shocked by that statement.  And perhaps that is why as a race we so easily accept and condone war as an option….. because we see no other way.

But there is always a choice…. and to deny that is just denying our responsibility to each other as human beings.  Throughout history there have always been those who refused to fight.  I don’t often call another individual a hero of mine, but one person who would earn that title is Mahatma Gandhi.  When faced with a violent situation, or the choice of whether or not to act out violently against a fellow human traveller, I ask myself, “what would Gandhi do?”

Today in Australia we commemorate our fallen war hero’s.  Another concept that I really struggle with.  Is it heroic to take the life or lives of others, no matter how righteous the geo-political cause may appear to be?

In God’s eyes we are not Australians, or Turkish, or German, or Japanese.  We are people!!!  Our bodies are nothing but the temporary houses our souls use for the exploration of planet Earth.  If you believe at all in past (or as I see it, concurrent) lives, then you have likely inhabited the persona of every race on the planet.

“Lest we Forget”…. being said, and heard and felt all over our country today, and as dawn begins to break over Gallipoli where thousand have gathered to remember that fateful day, 100 years ago today.

But there is part of me that can’t help but wonder, if forgetting is exactly what we should be doing.  Forgetting that we ever believed in a concept called war.  Forgetting that we have perceived differences, and that we are not all, in fact, one race.  Forgetting that there was ever a time when we believed that war was the only answer, and that the ultimate sacrifice was noble and honourable.

Perhaps the horrors of war should be forgotten, and a new consciousness of Peace and understanding take their place. In another 100 years from now, will we be still commemorating Anzac Day.  Or will war be a long forgotten bad memory, as we stand as one, together in Peace.