What needs changing…..


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I am currently reading and working with Edwene Gain’s book The 4 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.  Under the section on goal setting… after one has prioritised one’s goals and has started moving in the general direction of their fulfilment… Edwene suggests that we prayerfully ask ourselves what do we need change about ourselves in order to have this goal manifested.

Yesterday I did this.

With a dentist appointment scheduled in the city for a very lengthly major dental procedure, I had planned to get the train in to Brisbane CBD and walk the several blocks from the station to the dentist.  Living 40 minutes drive from the nearest railway station meant that this was already shaping up to be a healthy commute.

Only minutes before my planned departure, and with Edwene’s advice weighing on my mind, I asked myself… what do I need to change about myself in order to see my goals a reality.  And it struck me.  Drive into the city.

I don’t drive into the city.  I don’t drive within the city.  I haven’t personally driven in Brisbane for just on 30 years.

Traffic scares me.  Not knowing where I am going and driving in unfamiliar territory scares me.  As a normal personal with little to no city driving experience, this can be daunting.  As a HSP with literally millions of pieces of information and stimuli bombarding my sensory nervous system simultaneously…. it’s a nightmare.

But you know what…. I realised that if I am to do the type of work that I personally feel God intends for me to do, then I am going to just have to man up and learn to drive in the city.

So I did.

It’s about an hour and half from my place to the big smoke.  The drive in was not too bad at all.  Mostly freeway until you get to the CBD.  It was a little hairy at times, but I just kept my cool, and kept reminding myself that getting temporarily lost is no big deal.   The drive home was a bit more challenging.  After hours in the dental chair, already feeling somewhat beat up, I braced myself for what turned out to be peak hour traffic.  The 1.5 hour commute into the city turned into an almost 3 hour exodus back to the sanity of the hinterland.

But I did it.  Nothing bad happened.  And you know what…. something kinda wonderful happened instead.  I felt really empowered.  I no longer felt impotent in the face of needing to be in the city.  There have been so many opportunities and places and people that I would have been able to meet over the years had I just realised that I am more than capable of driving in the city.  And now….. finally….. I know.