Everything Old is NEW again


Kooka CatchI have been very slack with writing blog posts of late.  Perhaps because my heart was no longer in it. Perhaps because I didn’t really feel like I had very much to say. Perhaps even because there have been changes going on, both internally and externally in my world.

Something that I had put to bed.  Something I thought was part of my past, has been tugging at my heartstrings again of late.  Culminating in a full blown “calling” last weekend, I found that what I thought was over and done with was in no way done with me.

What exactly this means for my future, I have no idea at this stage.

But unlike last time…. this time I am going to let it unfold in it’s own sweet way, in it’s own good time.

Pushing and pushing and trying desperately to force the issue, did not work as well as one would have hoped.  But it did end in quite some pain and anguish…. and hopefully a well learned lesson or two.

When I started this blog all those years ago, I was never content to have it be just a blog about photography.  Which lens did I use, what camera settings… yawn yawn and more yawn.  I wanted to have something interesting to say, and accompany it with some hopefully pretty pictures.

In the past 4 years, I have grown as an artist, as a person.

My desire for this blog moving forward is to use it as a vehicle to explore the spiritual… through an appreciation of nature and of beauty… and discuss my progress as a spiritual being on a journey of self discovery.

I hope to have some guest bloggers… amazing artists who have used their talents and medium to deepen their own personal relationship with the divine.  And if you feel that you have something to add to the conversation, it would be most welcome and appreciated.