New Life…


Baby Stumpy3

The other day I had the absolute honour of watching new life being born.

Ever since we bought this house (and right through the renovation process), there has been a Major Skink, whom I have affectionately named “Stumpy”, who lives in the carport and adjoining garden by our front door.  When I met Stumpy his tale had been chopped off…. not sure if it was by accident, or injury.  It is steadily growing back, but he is still very recognisable as my Stumpy.

So anyway, I had noticed that Stumpy was gaining a little weight.  At first I thought it might be because I had starting feeding him.  Actually I was trying to feed possums, but discovered that Stumpy was raiding the possum food and taking it back to his hiding place.

Then as time went by, I started to wonder if my Stumpy was in fact, a girl.

And sure enough…. I went outside one day only to find a tiny little baby Stumpy, full of life and full of mischief.

So I kept an eye mum, and to my absolute awe and wonder, I actually got to watch Stumpy give birth.

She had 3 in total.  So now we have a little lizard family.

But wait….. there’s more.

Down by our shed, which is more in the rainforest part of our yard, and less in the manicured part of property, there is a pile of old timbers and fallen trees, and even a piece of old corrugated iron… under which lives a Land Mullet.  A few days after my Stumpy family arrived, I discovered that the Land Mullet had a family of her own.  Six babies in total, and now even Dad stays pretty close to home.  Land Mullets form tight family bonds and stay close together to raise the young.  So each afternoon you can go down the yard and see Mum, Dad and the kids soaking up some sunlight in their little junk pile home.  It’s just such a wonderfully heartwarming sight.

Addendum:…. I just went outside to check the family as usual, and noticed that one of the Stumpy babies, is now also a Stumpy!!  It looks like it’s tale has been chomped off by a potential predator but fortunately bubba is still alive and well and growing like a weed.  At least twice it’s birth size.  Like mumma like child 🙂

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