In the Wild…


White Browed Scrubwren

This morning I took a hike through the rainforest, and naturally I took my camera along for the ride.  It’s strange that I am now living in a most incredibly gorgeous part of the world with sweeping vista’s as far as the eye can see, and waterfalls, and creeks, and rivers and rainforest, and yet so far all I have really managed to point the camera at is wildlife.

But having lived for 8 months in a suburban nightmare, where apart from an abundance of Kookaburra and pigeons, nothing exciting ever paid me a visit, I am just so thrilled to be surrounded by all manner of critter and creature, who are more than willing to call my garden home.

And as exciting as it is to have these wonderful birds and animals right on my doorstep… nothing beats the thrill of being able to capture them in their own natural habitat.

Landscape photography has it’s own set of unique challenges and it is something I hope to master one day, but a landscape will sit still for you.  It’s not going anywhere whilst you take as long as you need to set up camera gear and wait for the light to be just right.  You can take your time and experiment and play around with camera setting and filters and whilst it’s true that the light might only be perfect for a short amount of time, it not quite the same as shooting at an ever moving target.

I have seen these little White Browed Scrub Wren in the wild before, but being able to successfully capture them had always alluded me in the past.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was able to not only find one in the wild, but to exercise the patience and persistence necessary to bring him home with me on “film”.

It is an experience that I am hoping I will be able to repeat.

White Browed Scrubwren