When Less is More….


Blow Hole

After 3 months now of house hunting for the perfect property in the perfect location,  and coming up empty…. and with only 29 days until we vacate our current rented property… we are left with no choice but to return to yet another rented property.  Renting again is something that I really REALLY didn’t want to have to do, but at least this time it will in the area that we most want to live, and so that is a true blessing.

The downside is, that the only place that we could find to rent is a fully furnished holiday cabin that is normally let out for very brief periods.  We were fortunate that the owners have agreed to allow us to stay for 6 months whilst our search continues.  This means however, that everything we own is now getting packed up to go into storage and we will be downsizing even further from what was already a big downsize from what we had become accustomed to.

7 months ago I lived in my dream home.  A gorgeous custom built home designed by my husband to suit every one of our individual needs.  On acreage with stunning tropical gardens, loving planted by my own hands, with views to the Bunya mountains.   Every luxury fitting and fixture and all the mod-cons one could ever want.  It was the type of house that our materialistic, consumer driven society expects a couple to own at our stage of life, and what most aspire to achieving.  It was a status symbol of middle-class success.  And I loved that home.

Downsizing to our tiny rental apartment has been an adjustment, and one that I have not exactly relished.  Giving away most of our “fancy furniture” stung a little, but that has not been the main reason that I have not been able to find happiness here.  Replacing views of mountains and trees, and gardens and wildlife, with views of concrete and steel and neighbours who are so close that I can tell you what they had for breakfast… that has been the most challenging part for me.  My daily visits from some of Australia’s most iconic and beautiful birds… replaced by daily sounds of trucks and diggers and construction and dust, was definitely the hardest part for me.

So now… downsizing even further…. to an even smaller place, with someone else’s belongings, whilst my own possessions locked in a storage facility for an indefinite amount of time, will present a new and unique challenge for me.  I have never had my things in storage before.  It will be a wonderful lesson in letting go of materialistic ideals and attachment to “stuff and things”.  I am nervous about it, I won’t lie.  But there is a most definite upside to this impending move.

Our tiny holiday cabin is located in our dream location.  With a creek running through the back of the property, which can be viewed from the large outdoor deck.  The main attraction waterfall in the area is located at the end of our street, with many other waterfalls just minutes away.  Hiking trails abound through the rainforest and World Heritage listed National Park which make up our new location.   Noisy neighbours to be replaced with noisy wildlife, and waking up to the sound of construction machinery will soon be a thing of the past, as I wake up to bird song and kookaburra laughing right outside my window.

The one thing this long search for a home has taught me is that there always seems to be a compromise to be had.  Every home we looked at had some aspects that we desired and some that we did not.  Nothing was ever perfect, and many of the compromises were just too great.  Perhaps that is an analogy of life.  In order to get some of the things that you want, other things need to be let go of.  Perhaps setting your priorities is what is called for, and choosing what is  most important to you is how you end up with the life you desire most.

Society tells me (not to mention some of my own family members)… that I should have a certain size home, filled with a certain amount of “nice” things, in order to find happiness and contentment in life.

My heart tells me that what I want most is the connection with nature that I have lost in my current location.

Sure… it would be nice to have both.

A fancy house in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by mother nature’s beauty and the wildlife that I crave.

But whilst it’s nice to have the former, it appears that… for me at least… the later is not something that  my soul can live without.