Ocean Magazine


Ocean3A couple of months back whilst on a trip to Brisbane, I was contacted by Ocean Magazine, and asked if I would like to be considered for their Lens Flair section of the publication, which is where they feature the work of a Landscape Photographer who embodies the overall feel of the magazine.

Oceans is a national publication focussing on high end, luxury yachts and living a very exclusive lifestyle of comfort and travel along Australia’s vast and glorious coastline.

Naturally I was thrilled to be asked to participate in this months edition, and I was equally thrilled this morning to receive my copy of the magazine.

It was so much bigger and bolder than I had expected.  It’s a very substantial magazine, a lot thicker than I had anticipated.  And you can imagine my surprise when I saw that each of my featured images were displayed over a two page spread.  I certainly was not expecting that.

Overall, I am extremely happy and deeply honoured to have my work showcased in this way.  Any time that we as photographers can have our work published is such an exciting experience, and is truly one of the more exciting publications to feature my work.

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