Out of my Comfort Zone….



This weekend I did something I have never had the opportunity to do before… a portrait shoot.  Sure I have taken some pics of my sons and their girlfriends, and even did a bit of a family shoot for a friend.  But this was a professional portrait shoot, with a  hair stylist  and make-up artist, and even a choreographer.

I was WAY out of my comfort zone with this one.

Everyone was so lovely and so professional, and I think we are all pleased with the results.  It is definitely something I am keen to do again in the future… but it was not without it’s stresses.

Given that I was the photographer, I did get the feeling that everyone was looking to me for creative direction, and fair enough… it’s my job.  But it’s just not something I am used to, or perhaps even, comfortable doing.  With landscape photography, my biggest challenge is directing myself alone.  Figuring out… as Ansel Adams put it… “a good photograph is knowing where to stand”.  As it is with nature photography.  I consider myself lucky if my subject is willing to stand still at all, let alone stand I would like them to.

Fortunately I had two incredible models for my maiden portrait voyage.  Both willing to put themselves and their bodies on the line, as we ventured into some interesting and difficult terrain in pursuit of the perfect location.  I do hope you enjoy what we created, as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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Thanks to models Melissa and Francois
Photographer : Tracie Louise
Makeup : Rachelle Lemming
Hair/Stylist : Jen Muggleton
Choreographer: Teaghan Roatz (ballet shots)