Change of Direction…


Eastern Spinebill

When I first started this blog it was purely as a way to get my photography out into the world and hopefully reach a larger audience… which it has totally done, and I am extremely grateful for that.  But I never wanted it to be one of those photo blogs which discusses f-stops and shutter speeds, as that is only interesting to other photographers, and other photographers were not really my target audience (not that they aren’t completely welcome and appreciated here).

So I started writing about my thoughts and philosophies and general reflections on  the meaning of life.  And over all it has been really well received which is just wonderful.  But now that I have started My Inspired Life, which is a much more suitable place for such musings…. I think it’s time for a change of direction for this blog site.

If you still enjoy topics of personal development, spiritual growth and ideas and suggestions of how to get the most out of each and every day of your life, I sincerely hope you will join me at My Inspired Life.   There are several other writers with wonderful perspectives and inspirational ideas… and more writers are always welcome if you would like to contribute and make a little extra cash.

As for this blog….

I think the focus (if you will pardon the pun) will be more on my photographic journey.  What’s happening in my life as a photographer and how I am working… and what strategies I am employing… to realise my dream of a successful photography career.  It will never a blog discussing f-stops and shutter speeds.  I am a photographer and even I don’t find that stuff interesting 😉

I do hope you will continue my journey with me.  It would have meant nothing without the love and support and friendships that have been forged here.  I sincerely hope that continues and grows, and I am looking forward to sharing some really exciting news with you very soon.

Stay tuned…..