Finding Mt. Olympus….


Kookaburra Sits

I used to feel very pressured to get a great deal done in a day.  Perhaps because I don’t work outside the home.  Perhaps because I started so late in life to pursue the career of my dreams I always felt as though I was playing catch up.  If I didn’t make huge strides forward, then I had wasted my day.  It was a lot of pressure to put on myself and it was  no wonder I was feeling the strain.

Recently it was made clear to me that great progress is never made in leaps and bounds, but in tiny steps taken regularly.  It’s the old adage about “how do you eat an elephant… one bite at a time”.  I have never been a particularly patience person and when one has spent decades trying to figure out one’s purpose on this planet… finally recognising that purpose makes one rather keen to get on with it… if you know what I mean.

I also heard recently that the average overnight success takes at least 5 years and real and lasting success, closer to 15.  So many people have given up even trying at the first sign of difficulty or rejection.  Being adopted, I have always had major issues around the subject of rejection, and it has not been unusual in the past for me to quit at the first signs of not being accepted.  But I think that when you do find your hearts true calling, quitting is never an option.  It would be tantamount to dying from the inside out.

So what does true and lasting success take?

Baby steps….

…and persistently taking them.

Any and all moves in the direction towards your dream, no matter how seemingly small, taken on a consistent basis can not fail but lead to success.

Someone once asked Socrates what was the best way to get to Mt.Olympus and Socrates replied, “By making sure that every step you take is in that direction.” 

Or as Dory once famously said in Finding Nemo…. “just keep swimming”… I so often think of that quote when times get tough and energy seems low… “just keep swimming”.  And steps, even baby steps, in the direction of your dreams, IS progress.  And take enough of them for long enough, and you can’t fail to reach your Mt. Olympus.. whatever that may be.