More Good Than Not….

“If all you think of are your sins, then you are a sinner” – Ramakrishna

I don’t know about you, but I am so over traditional Western religion telling me what a miserable sinner I am, simply by virtue of my very existence.  Ramakrishna said it best in the above quote.  We are what we think about all day long, and as a society we have become way to focused on fault finding and blame assigning.

How many of you go to bed at night and spend the last few moments of conscious awareness lamenting all that you believe you did wrong during the day?  Perhaps it was not only what you felt you did poorly, but also beating yourself up for not achieving all that you had set out to this day.   I know I was one of those who spent my first moments of conscious awareness each morning planning out a long list of things that I felt needed to be accomplished for the day and then 15 hours later, as my eyelids where closing one last time, I would be reminding myself of what a failure I was for not crossing everything off my ambitious and lofty list.  It’s a terrible habit that I think most of us fall prey to.

Just imagine what a difference it could make in your life, if instead of constant attention on the perceived shortcomings  you gave at least equal airtime to all that you are doing well.  Perhaps a more enlightened take on the sacrament of confession, would be something along the lines of… “Bless me Father, for these are all the wonderful things I have done this week.”

I don’t ever believe that the Divine requires of us lamentation, but rather a simple acknowledgement of what we could have done better and a striving toward that very end.

You ARE what you think about all day long.

Acknowledge the good.

Celebrate the achievements… no matter how tiny or insignificant you might believe them to be.

Tonight as you drift off to sleep… make a list, of all that went right with your day.  The work that got completed.  The people you made smile.  The meals you prepared. The home that you made.  Every victory, no matter how small.  Congratulate yourself.  Allow yourself the gift of feeling pleased and yes, even proud.  You did good.

And I bet if you ever did weigh up the ledger of your day, in the grand scheme of things, I am 100% certain you did more good than not.