Time to Get a New List…


Regular blog followers will know that I have been having quite a time of it lately… struggling to find my way in a new place and dealing with my new circumstances.  But last night I had a major win.

A really long time ago I set myself the goal of being featured on the Redbubble Homepage.  Redbubble is the website where I sell my work and it is quite the little community for artists and photographers.  When I first dreamed of being on the Homepage the site was very different.  They featured quite a few artists and a lot more photographers than they do now.   Shortly after setting my goal they completely changed format and out of worldwide community of contributors only a dozen get chosen at a time… and mostly artists, very few photographers anymore.  But undeterred each and every morning I would log on to the site and check to see if I was there.  Each and every morning I was disappointed to see that I was not.

I did this for a very long time.  It became kind of a ritual.  Eventually I started to get discouraged… and recently I gave up completely on even looking anymore.  I figured it was not meant to be.

Then, late last night, I received an email….

“Your work has been featured on the Redbubble Homepage….”

I did it.

What I never thought was going to be possible, actually happened.  One more thing off my wish list.  Then I realised something huge.  I have been so busy feeling sorry for myself lately.  Lamenting all that I have lost in my life, and struggling to cope with the changes.  That I had forgotten to even notice just how many things have actually been crossed off my wish list.

When I began my photo journey… naturally there were things I hoped to achieve “some day”.  And looking back, most of them have now been realised.  Seeing my work in print, (from my own local paper to glossy magazines), a National calendar,  a major book cover, making sales, having people from around the globe show interest in my work.  Even having my work being used by a major multi-national company (Microsoft).  All done.  All achieved.

And yesterday I hit another milestone… over 100,000 hits on my humble blog.  Perhaps not  particularly earth shattering in the grand scheme of things,  and not even particularly impressive in the blog-a-sphere, but a milestone nonetheless.

The point that was not lost on me last night, was simply that my focus needed a little adjusting.  Amongst the depression and sadness and feelings of despair, I was still actually meeting my goals and achieving my dreams. Crossing things off my list.   Even though I had felt like I had lost my way… my way, it seems, had not lost me.

And I realised something really important.

It might be time to get a new list.

A bigger, brighter, bolder, more outrageous list!  After all… the sky’s the limit for one who can dream.  And nothing is unachievable when you are doing what you are truly meant to be doing.

nb// my apologies for using an image that was used  just yesterday, but this is the picture that was on the Redbubble Homepage, so it only seemed fitting.