Power vs Force…


Angry Bird

Have you ever had the experience of being in love with someone who wasn’t in love with you?  Or perhaps you were in a relationship that just wasn’t quite right, but you just couldn’t let it go?  Maybe you have gotten yourself into a situation and can see no way out of it?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we see something that we want… and we want it with all our hearts… because we believe that it is right and proper for us.  And we try, and we try, and give our hearts and souls.  But no matter what we do, we just can’t make it work.  Reluctant to give up on something that we feel so deeply about, we battle on regardless.  No matter how often we are rejected, and despite of all  the warning signs and red flags, and sometimes even downright obvious cautionings, we still believe that if we just work hard enough at it, we can force something into reality.

I grew up believing that all you needed was enough faith, and you could make anything happen.  And years of studying and working with Law of Attraction and New Thought, would also suggest that the manifestations of one’s dreams are extremely possible.  But here’s the kicker…. here’s what I finally figured out….

They have to actually be “your” dreams.

They have to be completely congruent with who and what you are, at your very core.

You can not go against the grain.

And although this sounds fatalistic… I do believe that there is a purpose and a plan that each of us came here specifically to fulfil.  And you can not, and will not become a concert pianist if you have no musically ability whatsoever…. and it makes NO difference, how much you want it, or believe in it, or pray for it, or work for it.  It HAS to be something that is innately within you, to begin with.

I have learned this lesson the hard way lately.  It has taken a lot for me to accept that what I have been chasing and working extremely hard for in the past 7 or 8 months, is not meant for me.  I wanted it.  I even went so far as to believe that it was divinely inspired.  I had received a message… a calling.  But now that I am ready to be honest with myself, I can see that I was paraphrasing.  I took the simple message, and embellished it to suit.  It made me feel good, and important, and on a mission, and like I was doing something really really important.  But I was just kidding myself.

And now I can see the warning signs so clearly.  All the obstacles that were being placed in my way, were not challenges meant to be overcome.  They were not there to test my resolve… but to re-steer my course.   I used to have a favourite saying many years ago… “listen to the whispers, before you hear the screams”.  Spirit will very gently guide you, until you refuse to listen, and then you will receive a nudge.  And if that doesn’t work, perhaps it will become a shove.  Eventually, if you still refuse to hear the true calling of your soul, before long, you find yourself falling face first off a very large cliff somewhere.

I think I got pretty close to that cliff.  Having long ago ignored the whispers…  written off the wise voice of reason… blocked out the yelling and pleading… we had now gotten to the point of actual physical harm.  Something I was still willing to ignore, up until yesterday.  I just woke up, and decided that I had better start listening and listening good, cause I was becoming afraid for my life.

You CAN NOT go against the power of your soul.  You can not be that which you were never meant to be.  And NO amount of force on your part will ever change that fact.  But you absolutely CAN be the best “you” you can be.  You can fulfil every desire and every dream of your heart, that is true and in keeping with who you really are.  But you have to be willing to listen to the wee small voice, and harness the tremendous power within you.  Many never do this, and never reach their full potential.  And some, like me, make a pretty late run at it… but whilst there is still breath in my body, I have the opportunity to do, what I know deep down in my heart, I was ALWAYS meant to do.   And I think this time, I will know pretty quickly if I am finally on the right track…. (hopefully all the accidents will stop and I can start to move away from the cliffs edge).