Unlocking the Future…


Rusty Lock

Today is an important day for me.  I am meeting up with my “local” Unity Minister (local being a 2 hour drive away).  We have spoken via email but this will be the first time meeting face to face.  For those of you who might not know, I am currently studying online to eventually become a Minister with the Unity Church.  This meeting is designed to answer some questions regarding my chosen path and how we might make this dreamed of future a reality for me.

Part of the plan involves me living overseas for a couple of years to complete my studies…. and since the Rev. Murray has already been down this road, I thought she could give me some valuable pointers.

Unity has had a hold on my heart and on my mind ever since we visited the headquarters at Unity Village in the US last year.  I had known about New Thought and read much about it for years before visiting, but there was something different about Unity.  It had a spiritual deepness that was often lacking in other practises of New Thought.  It seemed to combine the sacredness I was longing for, with the metaphysical practicality which I knew to be Truth (for me at least).  It was the perfect match between heart and head, and possessed the ability to combine both without either one needing to suffer.

Whilst at the Village on my last day, I received a very clear message that I would be returning one day.  I was guided to come home and begin studying…. not really knowing at the time, why exactly, or what it would lead to (still not 100% sure on that)… but I know enough to know, that when you get a very clear message it pays to listen.

Sometimes I get very excited about this journey that I have undertaken.  Sometimes it scares the crap out of me.  I don’t really know where this road will lead to.  All I know for certain is that sometimes you chose the path…. sometimes the path choses you.  Either way, the journey begins with you having the faith to take the first steps… stay the course… seek help when needed… and above all, to Believe.  Believe in the power of your dreams, and your innate ability to unlock your own future.  Whatever that may be.