Every Last Moment…


Every Last Moment..

Another New Year came and went… and now we find ourselves in 2014.

Like most people, I get a little nostalgic at this time, reviewing the year that was.  Being smack bang in the middle of moving house, doesn’t help with the nostalgia at all, I must admit.  But looking back on the previous 12 months, there were good times, and there were not so good times.  There were struggles and trials and triumphs and heartaches… just like every other year.  I do find myself at the end of December saying such things as “well, I for one am not sorry to see the end of 2013”.  But to be honest, I think I say that every year.  With a brand new year on the horizon, my thoughts turn towards hopes and dreams… fulfilling all that still remains undone… and planning for a better future with each new resolution.

But in reality… there is no such thing as a totally good year, or a totally bad year.  Years are made of months, of weeks, of days…. which are all made up of individual moments.  Each January I declare that this will be my year.  All that I have been working so hard for, will finally pay off and I will reach my goals.  And each year ends up pretty much like the last.  Some goals achieved…. some not.

It’s not the entire year that should be the focus of our attention… but the moments that make up the days, that make up the weeks, that make up the months, that turn into the year.

Like the old saying goes… “take care of the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves”.

What will 2014 be like?

It will be exactly what we make of it.

Individual moment, by individual moment.  By grabbing each and every moment of the day and embracing it for all it has to offer… squeezing every last second of enjoyment out of each experience… and searching for the positive in all that life brings us.  If we can do just that.  2014 will be a magnificent year.

Let’s not focus on the totally of the year ahead… let’s just embrace every last moment of it, one at a time.  Living each one to it’s fullest potential, in love and in gratitude.  That’s how we make the most of this brand new year.  That’s how we get to 2015 with something truly magical to look back on.

Happy New Year ♥