New Horizons….


Under the bridge2

This weekend my husband and I sold our home.

My husband designed this house for me, and together we built it, and have lived here for the past 5 years.  It is a gorgeous, luxurious, perfect house, set on over an acre of land with tropical gardens, and my beloved outdoor spa.  This home has everything hubby and I have ever wanted, and we just love it.  And now it’s time to leave.

I won’t lie… this is going to be sad.  But our plans for the future don’t involve being here anymore… and whilst I adore my home, I have never been crazy about it’s location.  My studies and future plans involve us moving overseas for a time, and whilst that isn’t going to happen in the immediate future, selling this house and downsizing was the first step in the process.

Now as if December isn’t a crazy enough time of year (with several birthdays, our wedding anniversary, and Christmas)… I am now facing packing, and organising a move and all the stress and activity that goes along with that.  So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being so amazingly loving and supportive, and just you know, that I might not be around as often as I would like for a time… but that doesn’t mean that you are not so totally appreciated, and once everything gets settled again, I am looking forward to having new horizons to explore and new scene’s to photograph and share with you all.

Whilst I am only moving a couple of hours away, it will open up some new opportunities and new vista’s, and the possibility of fresh discoveries just waiting for me to uncover, is very exciting.   It’s all a process, and there will be grieving involved, and I don’t wish to rush through that or skip over or belittle it in any way.  When you spend 23 hours a day, every day,  in a place (and when you are as emotional as I am), you get very attached and it can become part of who you are.  There is much to untangle and learning to disassociate myself from this place will be a challenge.   Photography is definitely going to help with that.  Memories preserved, and new memories still to create.  I know in my heart that the timing is right for us to seek those new horizons. Goodbyes are always sad, but a necessary step in growth.  And with so much love and support around me, I know I will get through this transition to the next stage of my life, with grace and ease.

If I don’t get the opportunity before hand…. I wish each and everyone of you…. a very happy Holiday season and look forward to catching up in the wonderful New Year ahead. ♥