My New Camera….


First ShotFirstly let me apologise for being a little quiet of late.  I have begun my Spiritual Education and Enrichment studies with Unity and have been throwing myself into those.  There is much to learn and it’s quite time consuming… mostly because of the great books I am now reading.  But I am really loving it, and just wish there were more hours in the day.

And secondly…. my new camera!!  Yay.

Yesterday I took possession of a Nikon D7100.  I have been wanting this little baby for some time.  It’s very exciting.  But it’s also a whole new ball game to learn.  The controls are very different.  The functions are very different.  It’s almost like starting over from scratch.  As you might know, I love birds.  And the thrill of the chase of capturing a great birdie shot is one of my greatest joys.  This new camera has a much faster rapid fire than the old one, which I am hoping will give me the edge over those tiny fast moving little critters that keep giving me the slip.

So whilst I still have much to learn, last night, the very second the new battery was fully charged (what an excruciating wait that was)… I went outside to test it out.  Being Spring, my apple trees are out in bloom, and the bees are having a field day, so I had something challenging to aim at right off the bat.  So this is my first shot with my new camera.  The first of many, and hopefully once I get the hang of all the new functions, I will able to create some wonderful images to share with you all.