Playing the Popularity Game….


Bunya Falls

Even though I seriously know better, I have found myself lately, handing all my power over to others, and allowing them to dictate how I feel.  This morning I woke up in a complete crisis of self-confidence and all because I was allowing others authority in my life.

Those of us in the artistic fields, are often waiting for our big break, or hoping to one day be “discovered” by another person and as such, we place an enormous amount of importance in the opinions of other people.  So much so at times that our very happiness becomes dependant on the reactions and approvals that we receive when placing our work in the public arena.

Doing what we love because we love it, can become endangered, and quickly converted into, doing what we think will please others and gain us recognition or acceptance.  It’s a slippery slope.  And one that I don’t think is helped by social media and the dreaded “like” button.  I know I have been guilty of allowing my mood to be affected (positivity or negatively) depending on that little number next to the “like” button.  Whilst it can be used as a gauge of our progress and help to steer us in different directions, it should never become the overriding factor in our creative decision making processes.

I have goals.

I have hopes and dreams.

I have things that I want to accomplish.

And in order to do these things I need the assistance and guidance of others.  But I need to be ever mindful of the fact that ultimately, I am the one in control of my destiny.  It is me and me alone who decides what type of future I am to have, or not have.  I need other people, yes… of course I do.  And I deeply value the opinions and support of others.  But ultimately what I do or don’t do should be from my heart and from my soul, and never from a need to win at the popularity game.