The Wave….


Eagle Dusk

You may have heard the analogy of God being like the ocean and you being a drop of water.  A single drop of sea water contains all the elements of the ocean, and together every single drop makes up the entire sea.  It’s a popular way of explaining how we are all a part of the “whole” and how all that is God resides in us.

But there is a part of this analogy that troubles me.

You can easily take a single drop of salt water from the ocean and remove it to another place.  In fact you can take it far into the desert, a very long way from the shoreline.  And whilst it still retains all the same properties of the rest of the ocean… it is also very far removed.  And that is just not my understanding of how the Universe works.

I much prefer the analogy of the wave.

We are like the wave upon the ocean.  And once again the wave contains all the same constituents of the ocean… but they can not be separated.  For a short time the ocean forms a wave.  It may be big.  It may be small.  It might travel long distances.  It might be very brief.  But always is the wave still a connected part of the ocean.  Never can they be separate.

And when the wave has finished it’s journey… it is reabsorbed into the rest of the sea… until such time as it becomes a wave once more.

You can’t take the wave from the ocean.  There is nowhere that the wave can be that the rest of the ocean is not.

And so it is with us.

There is nowhere we can be.  There is nothing we can do.  There is no thought that we can entertain… that will remove us from the All-That-Is.  And when our journey is complete… we too… return to our source… until next time.

And like the wave… we can be big.  We can be small.  We may travel long distances.  We may have a huge impact, or be barely noticeable.  But whatever our “wave”.. we are all vitally necessary.  All an inseperable part of the whole.