Lost Direction….


Crested Pigeon

Been feeling a little lost lately.

Not so much in my spiritual life, which is actually blazing ahead in leaps and bounds.  But more so in my earthly life.

I have hardly taken any new photographs since my surgery.  I think about the blog often and keep feeling like I “should” be writing posts… but nothing earth shattering comes to mind that I feel is worthy of sharing.  It’s weird actually, because I have been having lots of revelations, but nothing I seem to be able to put into words… just yet anyway.  I remember reading once (somewhere in Eastern philosophy).. that the really deep and meaningful, you should keep to yourself.  Something about it being diluted if shared.  I don’t know if I agree with this or not.  But I do kinda feel that there are some things I am currently unable to share here.

And I guess I find that a little unsettling.  I have always been very open and very honest with this blog.  I have never held back.  Even things that I thought might not be well received.  And some things weren’t particularly well received.  But that never stopped me.

So what’s different now?

I’m not really sure.

You know that old saying “always darkest before the dawn”… maybe I am on the cusp of something.  Who knows.  It just feels as though introspection is the order of the day for me right now.  And that’s OK too.  Life ebbs and life flows.  I am trying very hard to just accept this time of ebb as nothing more than a natural and necessary part of my growth.  Something we all go through.

Today’s society is not very forgiving of times like these.  It expects success… and it expects it fast.  If you are not moving forward you are standing still.  But standing still can be OK too… as long as it isn’t for too long.  Stopping for a breath, getting new direction before proceeding further, is a necessary part of the journey.  Hopefully once I get my mojo back, it will be better and stronger than ever.

Meanwhile I am just learning the lesson of being OK with being a little lost.