Celebrating the Wins….


Rainbow Jetty

We all need to celebrate the wins… no matter how big, or how small.

Today an image of mine appeared in my local newspaper.  It was no big deal really.  The paper runs a “photo of the week” contest each week and someone’s photo is always being published.  Only thing is… this week… it was me.

I don’t put an entry in all the time.  Actually I have only done it a hand full of times, but I have always secretly wanted to have my photo chosen.  It’s one thing when you see your images being used digitally (especially when they actually do have permission)… but there is just something really special about seeing your image published in real live print.

So I got excited.photo of the week

I celebrated in my mind.

I told friends and bought an extra copy of the paper to send to my dad interstate.

Because it’s important to celebrate the wins.  Even the small ones.  Maybe.. especially the small ones.  If we can not be grateful for the little wins, how in the world do we expect to attract big ones.  Every win is important.  Every tiny triumph.  Expressing appreciation for all the things we have achieved is not only good for the soul, but shows the Universe that we are ready and willing to receive even more.

I have met several people lately who are afraid of speaking out about their achievements for fear of coming across as bragging or too self involved.  I think this is mistake.  I see nothing wrong with being proud of something you have done.  Especially if you have worked hard for it.  If others can not be happy for you and share in your joy, then that speaks to their own insecurities not yours.  And you can never really know what inspiration you may be providing others.

Be proud… and Celebrate the wins!