The Kindness Domino….



What a terribly strange morning I am having.  Woke up in a kinda funk.  Seemed like so many little things were going wrong.  It was really disheartening because I have been on such a high lately.  Got a glowing report from my doctor.  Have been feeling great, and doing some great work.  Just a few short hours ago, I was on top of the world.  Then bam!  A complete 180.. and I don’t really know why.

Then the most unexpected thing happened.

I received a message from a fellow photographer.  Someone I don’t know very well.  Someone I haven’t really had much interaction with.  Just out of the blue, he sent me a poem.  It was about having dreams, and following your heart.  It was beautiful… and simple… and inspiring.  When I wrote back to thank him for his incredible timing in sending me this gift, he was surprised by my reaction.  Having no real idea why he sent me the poem himself, and chalking it up to “God’s will”, as he said.

But as is so often the case with “God’s will”… it didn’t stop there.  Chatting with a friend this morning who was also in need of a little extra encouragement, I forwarded the poem in the hope of spreading the love, as it were.  I did this before even getting the reply from my poet friend.  It just felt like the thing to do.  Shortly after I received an email from a dear and precious friend of mine who was really feeling down.  It seems us artist types feel things very deeply and are often at the extremes of the emotional spectrum (comes with the territory I suppose).  And knowing how much my gift of poetry had meant to me, once again I paid it forward to my dear friend, hoping that it will have the same uplifting affect for her, as it did for me.

And that is really the thing….

When we give someone a gift of kindness.  No matter how small, or how insignificant we might think it is… we never really know just how far reaching that gift may turn out to be.  One simple act of benevolence can take on a life of it’s own… spreading out like a domino effect, in ways that we can’t even imagine… and may never truly know.  We are all so interconnected, that when you do something positive for one person, you are quite literally affecting the whole.  No act of kindness can ever be an isolated event… and no act of kindness can ever be considered “small”.