Unexpected Opportunities….


Boondooma Stone Building

Ok.. so it’s time for a little bragging… but bare with me… there’s good reason for it.

This past weekend I was introduced to a website that pays people to write articles and reviews on events, things to do, dining out, and the like.   It’s called Weekend Notes, and you can submit your articles for consideration and if published, it’s a pay per view kinda deal.  The more popular the article the more can be made.

I was hesitant at first, wondering if my time could not be better spent working on the things that I already had in motion, but I had this overwhelming feeling that even though this wasn’t the type of thing that my dreams were made of… it would be a good experience and could lead to bigger and better down the track.  So I went for it.

My first article was short and sweet.  Due to my recovery I am unable to get out and take new pictures, and so I was restricted to using images I already had, which in turn restricted what I could write about.  Now you don’t need to use original images, but how would it look for a photographer not to be promoting her own work.  A day or so after submission, my first review was published.  Not only that but it received an Editors Choice Award.  There are several “cash incentive” awards to work towards.. and I didn’t even know this when I started, so that was a very pleasant surprise.

Today I find out that the second article written has made it to the Most Popular list and been featured in the newsletter that goes out to the entire Sunshine Coast.  Pretty cool.  And the third article written has just been published and it was awarded a Silver Award… being the second highest award you can achieve.  Not bad for a few days work.

But the real purpose of all this shameless bragging….

Sometimes on the road to making our dreams a reality… something unexpected lands right in our laps.  It wasn’t what we planned.  It may not even be really what we wanted.  But it might just have landed there for a reason.

My very first reaction when I learned of this opportunity was.. “I am not a writer, I’m a photographer”…. and “If I am going to write, I want it to be on personal development and spiritual matters, not tourism”.   For a brief moment I even felt as though this was a frivolous thing to do and not in keeping with my lofty goals of spiritual enlightenment.  But then I got over myself long enough to realise that I was being handed an opportunity.  A chance to reach many more people in a positive and uplifting way.  A chance to hone my writing skills.  A chance to showcase my images.  Who knows what doors something like this could open.  Prayers were being answered… I just didn’t recognise it right away.

And that’s the whole point.

What you are looking for might not come to you in the package that you are expecting.  Do not refuse delivery just because you don’t instantly recognise it’s true value.  Who knows what wondrous things you might be saying no to.


NB// to view my articles on Weekend Notes, click the link to the left of the blog.  Anyone else interested in writing for Weekend Notes, please let me know, as I can also earn a finders fee for new writers.