The Healing Power of Prayer…


Sparkle Bud

Whilst I won’t get to post this until I get home and get some internet service… I wanted to write it now, whilst still in hospital, as I am so very pleased with the progress made thus far, and even more impressed with the reason I believe it has happened.

It’s very early on Saturday morning.

Late Thursday evening, I underwent major surgery.  This time yesterday I was hooked up to all kinds of machinery and tubes literally coming out of every orifice in my body. By yesterday afternoon I was unhooked from everything.  All tubes removed and I was able to get up and around and shower.  Now… Saturday morning, I’m up.  I’m showered and dressed.  I even have a face full of make-up and my hair is done.  I’m going home in just a few hours.

My doctor was shocked.  The nurses were very impressed.  My surgery went well, although the doctor informed me that it was a long and difficult procedure and not without complications.  So why have I healed in miraculous time.  I have a theory.

I apologise to the wonderful friend who said these words to me, but with a lot on my mind in the past few days I can’t remember exactly who it was.  But the words I will never forget.  They said.. “with all the people praying for you, you will surprise all the doctors and nurses with how quickly you heal”.  And I have kept those words with me from the time I was admitted.  Thinking of them often, and setting them up as a goal to achieve.  And I have done just that.

Many times in the past week as I prepared for this event and during my stay here in hospital… I have thought about just how many people… from all over the world… were sending their prayers, sending healing energies, and well wishes, my way. People of all different belief systems and faiths, but all with one intention.  With that amount of love and support  bestowed on me the past few days, how could I expect anything other than a miracle.

Having not been a particularly healthy person my entire life, I have often thought of Jesus words “Your faith has made you well”.  But I guess I just never could muster the kind of faith necessary for me to experience good health.  Until now.  So what made the difference?

You did.

You all did.

You showed me love and compassion and kindness.

You sent me messages of hope and encouragement and support.

You showed me that I am not alone… and that even though most of us have never met in person, on the level of the soul, we are already one.

And I thank you all.