Looking for the Blessing…



This week I head back to hospital.. only 3 months to the day since my last surgery.  This time for a much more radical procedure.  Fingers crossed this will be the end of it.

Last night I was reading a book, “The Simple Truth”, by Richard & Mary-Alice Jafolia, in which it spoke about finding the blessing in each and every situation.  This is not a new concept to me and something that I do often try to strive for (with varying degrees of success).  And I do know how hard it can be at times to find that silver lining in a negative situation.  But I also strongly believe that it is always there.

Probably my darkest days lay in the period of time after losing my mother to ALS.  I was just 37 at the time.  Far too young to become the matriarch of the family.  I have one brother.  I have two sons.  My brother has 3 sons.  My husband has 1 brother.  My mother was the one and only strong female influence in my life.  And now as I face the kind of surgery that only another female could possibly understand… I am feeling rather alone in this journey.

I miss my mum.

Losing her was undoubtedly a tough thing.

But there is a bright side.

Had she not left us… I would never have had the courage or reason to move to another state.  Living in Queensland has opened up opportunities for not only me, but for my hubby and kids.  We live the kind of lifestyle now that we could have never dreamed of achieving down south.  Things I have done, places I have seen, experiences I have had… that have been priceless to me… and none would have been possible if I had stayed living in Victoria.

The coming weeks for me will be difficult no doubt.  But there is always a blessing to be found.  It’s not always readily apparent.  Sometimes we need to search deeply for it.  Sometimes we need to wait a period of time before we can see the blessing.  But it is always there.  Even if it is only that we realised just how strong we were.  Even if it is only that we now have the compassion and understanding to empathise with another.  There is always a blessing.  We just have to be willing to look for it.