5 Good Things…


Love Me

I recently started playing a new game… I call it 5 Good Things.

If you ever take the time to stop and listen to exactly what you are saying to yourself… or more importantly, about yourself… on any given day, you will be surprised to realise just how incredibly negative your own self-talk is.  I mean seriously… if anyone ever spoke to me the way I speak to myself, well, let’s just say… we wouldn’t remain friends for very long.  We are incredibly, and unnecessarily harsh on ourselves… even cruel to ourselves, with the way that we constantly berate our own abilities, our appearance, our intelligence etc.

So I thought I might try something different.

Try if you might, to take a few moments each day to list 5 good things that you like about yourself.  It might be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  You might like your hair, or your eyes.  Or you know that you are a good friend, have a wonderful sense of humour.  It can be anything at all, just so long as it is a positive thing and something that brings a smile to your face.

Actually the first day isn’t that difficult.  No matter how down we are on ourselves… 5 things isn’t that hard to come up with.

But now is when it gets tricky.

On day two… come up with 5 new things.  That’s right, they have to be completely different from the first days, 5.

Not too hard… but it might take just a little more effort.  But trust me, by day 3, you are starting to rack your brain a little more.  And by day 4, well, now it’s getting tough.  The longer this game goes on, the harder you will have to think to come up with 5 completely new things.  I found that I was actually repeating myself more often than I would have liked.  The first 5 were relatively easy, but coming up with new ones everyday takes effort.

Even if you give up and can’t think of 5 new things… you know what you have done.  Even if for only a few minutes.  You have spent some time looking at the positive aspects of yourself and taken a break from speaking to yourself as if you are your own worst enemy.

Just making that small effort… on it’s very own… has the power to change your life.  Time to start treating yourself as you would treat anyone else of value in your life.  Because whether or not you are willing or even able to admit this… you ARE the most valuable person in your life.  Without you… there would be no YOU.