Embracing All That Comes…


Unity Snow5

Travelling to the USA in Springtime, there were certain things that I expected to see.  Blossoms.  Trees budding out with their first fresh new leaves of the season.  Sunshine.  Birds making nests.  You know… the usual.

I was not expecting to see snow!

For the very first time since 1907, it snowed in Kansas City in May!

And of course, it did it when I was here.

I have only seen snow about 4 times before in my entire life, so this was something special.  To be honest, I don’t really like snow that much.  Don’t get me wrong… it’s very pretty.  I am just not accustomed the the temperatures required to make snow.  And I am no fan of being cold.  When it started yesterday and we had a longish drive to get back to the hotel, I found the entire experience rather scary.  Police cars, sirens ablaze, stormed past us on the way to accidents.  Ice was building on the bridges as daylight was fading and this was all very unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me.

But once safely back at Unity Village (where we are staying).. it all seemed far more magical.  Early this morning, I ventured out… wearing as many warm clothes as I had packed.  Umbrella in one hand.  Camera in the other.  Warm woolly socks, borrowed from my hubby.  I walked the grounds of Unity, very carefully in places.  Not at all used to walking through ice and melting snow.

I returned to our room, wet and cold, and not totally sure that I could feel my fingers.  But how often does a girl from tropical Queensland Australia, get to go for a morning stroll through the snow!

Was this what I was expecting – no.  But this is what Mother Nature provided for me.  What a wonderful surprise.  And an even more wonderful life lesson, about embracing all that comes my way.