It Will Be What It Will Be…


First Sunrise

As promised.. here is my blog post from 35,001 feet (I checked).  We are almost exactly half way, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, traveling at 562 mph.

As you can imagine, it’s already been rather a long day and my body is already confused about what time it is, or what time it’s supposed to be.  I’m a little weary, but have made the decision not to bother about sleep unless I get really tired.

Hubby and I spent last night at a lovely hotel at the airport, and this morning caught the shuttle bus over to Brisbane International Terminal.  Not usually one to speak to strangers, for some reason I struck up a conversation with two lovely ladies sat behind us on the shuttle bus.  It was one of those weird “no way.. me too”, conversations.  Actually the second time this has happened to  me in a week.

“So where are you headed off to today?”

“LA… no way… me too”.

“Where are from originally?”

“Melbourne.. no way.. me too”.

And it went on like this for some time.

Turns out they were on our very same flight, after spending the night in the very same hotel as us.  And we had so many things in common.

After walking the distance from the car park, up multiple escalators to the check in point, the same two lovely ladies where once again right behind us.  Good thing too.  The airport was packed… queued out the door.  Almost 2 hours in the line just to check in.

So naturally we got chatting again.

“You like NASCAR… me too”… (which is very unusual for most Aussies).

But the most important part of this entire conversation came in the form of a very enlightened statement.   I don’t even remember now, exactly what it was that she was referring to.  Might have been the weather.  Might have been flight delays or problems with connections in LAX.  But I will never forget what she said….

“It will be what it will be”.


For the rest of the day, her wonderful statement has become my mantra…. “it will be what it will be”.

Now understand, that for a self confessed control freak like myself, this is HUGE.  I have never really been a go with the flow kinda person.  For whatever reason, I came to the assumption a long time ago, that if I could only control every aspect of every part of my life on a continual daily basis, then I would be safe, and everything would be OK.

To be honest, it hasn’t really worked out that well so far.

So today when the lines were long, and we were forced to wait for hours.. my normal reactions of frustration and anger was replaced with “it will be what it will be”.  When I was nervous about passing through customs with SO much gluten free food in my case (just in case)… I told myself calmly.. “it will be what it will be”.  And for the past 6 hours as the plane has been rattling side to side in almost constant turbulence (something that in the past would have put the fear of God in me)… I have remained incredibly calm and relaxed, realizing that “it will be what it will be”.