Walking the Path…


No Through Road

I am currently reading yet another book on spirituality… “Sculptor in the Sky”, by Teal Scott.. It was actually recommended to me by a fellow WP blogger.  It’s a compelling read.  I actually plan to read it over again, once finished.

But here’s the thing.

It is not exactly saying anything new to me.  Nothing I haven’t heard a hundred times before.  I have read many many many books just like it.  And they are great.  They are wonderful and important pieces of literature, sharing vitally important information to the human race.  So what’s the problem?

How do I make them stick?

How do I get this stuff to be a working, functioning part of my daily existence?

I know this stuff.  I have been studying this information for literally decades.  On an intellectual level, I know it inside and out, back to front.

So why then, can’t I seem to walk the walk?

I feel like the Christian who goes to church on Sunday, full of enthusiasm… praising God… feeling the spirit of the Lord moving them, and touching their lives.. only to go to work on Monday morning and find that not a single thing has changed.  They are the same.  LIfe is the same.

What is it that prevents me from putting all the knowledge that I have acquired, and know to be true (for me at least, everyone is different) into my daily experience of life?  What is preventing the intellectual from becoming the experiential?

I have my moments of course.  Tiny glimpses of how it all fits together.  Brief flashes of the unity of the cosmos.  On rare occasions I actually feel much more spiritual than I do physical, and for a split second I can see through the veil of illusion, to how it all really works.  But they never last very long.

One would think that even a brief glimpse into the actual nature of reality would be enough to permanently alter one’s life… to change the way you deal with the mundane day to day… to put everything into such an exquisite perspective, that life would never be the same again.  But it is.  Housework is still housework.  Grocery shopping is still grocery shopping.  Illness and pain and depression still exist.

So if knowing the truth of reality doesn’t change it… what does?