It’s Swan Time…



We all know the story of the Ugly Duckling.

Imagine you have spent your entire life surrounded by ducks.  Being raised by ducks.  Going to school with ducks.  Working with ducks.

Spending your entire life watching the ducks, learning from the ducks… and trying oh so desperately to try and fit in with the other ducks.  Wanting them to accept you, to like you, to appreciate you as a fellow duck.  And all the while wondering why you feel so different.  So left out.  No matter what you do, or how hard you try, you just feel out of place somehow.  Some thing is just a little off, and you can never quite put your finger on it.

But then, what if, one day, you discover something incredible.  You are not a duck!

How liberating.

All this time trying so hard to be something, that no matter what you did, you could never be anyway.  And now… you don’t even have to try anymore.  What would be the point.  You can stop bashing your head against an impossible wall, and finally accept the truth.  You ARE different.  And guess what… that’s OK.  Actually that’s more than OK.  It’s incredible.

There’s nothing wrong with ducks.  Ducks are cool.

Ducks are necessary and beautiful and special in their own right.

It’s just… you are not one of them.  And it’s time to stop trying to be.

It’s Swan time!

Time to be who and what you were always meant to be.  Time to stop pretending you are less than you are.  Time to stop pretending that you don’t know all you know… deep down inside.  Time to acknowledge the truth of your existence.  Time to shine.

Time to fly!!