My Accidental Flower…


accidental flower

Sometimes life can surprise you.

After being locked up inside, post surgery, for over a week… I finally got up the strength to venture outside, and to my very pleasant surprise, look what I found.

I have never grown a sunflower before, even though I was once the very keen gardener.  I think I was living under the misperception that they might be difficult to grow.

But nature had other ideas…. as nature so often does.

It seems that a sunflower seed fell from my bird feeder and decided that it might like to grow into a magnificent flower, all by itself.  What a lovely surprise.  And the best part is, that had I not been under the weather, I would have spotted the emerging tiny plant, and not knowing what it was, promptly weeded it from my garden.  Never knowing the beauty that I was destroying in my attempt to be a vigilant gardener.

I am so proud of this flower… which is extraordinary when you consider that I had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it.  Except maybe to feed the birds with a seed mix containing sunflower seeds.  Maybe I am just so pleased to realise that sometimes life’s surprises are pleasant ones.  And that wonderfully unexpected things can come into our lives when we are least expecting them.

This “accidental flower” represents hope.  It’s a shining beacon of possibility.  A testament to all that can happen, when we least expect it.  It’s a signal to trust.  To realise that we cannot control everything.  And that not being in control is sometimes all for the better.  Had I been in control, I would have removed this flower before it ever saw the light of day.  And I would have been proud of myself for doing it.. thinking it only a weed.  How wonderful to be proven wrong.

Next time life seems “out of control”… or like the only surprises that come your way are the unwelcome kind… remember that sometimes, good things happen.  Unexpected, amazing, inspirational, gloriously beautiful things.  And don’t forget to celebrate when they do.