Destination Peace….

Destination Peace

Destination Peace – by Deb Coats Creative Artist

I have a friend.  A very VERY good friend.  Someone who I can count on, confide in, laugh with, and share hopes and dreams with.

Actually we have never met face to face. I live in Australia, she lives in California USA.

But she is someone who inspires me everyday.

And not just through her wonderful and vibrant artwork… but through who she is as a person.

The other day I had mentioned to her that I wanted to learn to meditate more effectively… and before I knew it, I had a care package in the mail, from another country mind you, containing, Cd’s, DVD’s, and all kinds of really helpful info on living a more peaceful, spirit centred life.

And that is not all this Earth Angel does…

She buys the artwork of other artists, in the form of greeting cards, and randomly mails them out to people… for no other reason than to brighten their day, put a smile on their faces… and because she believes the art of correspondence via snail mail is dying.  So not only does the recipient get a warm and fuzzy feeling from her random act of love, but the creators of the greeting cards also enjoy the feeling of validation that only comes from selling their work.

And now look what she has done for us.

After learning of the Blogging for Peace movement, this warm-hearted individual, set about using her talents to create something simply wonderful.  It is my fondest wish that she makes this available as a t-shirt (or maybe a hoodie as Australia descends into Autumn).. as nothing would give me greater pleasure than to display our message of Peace to the world.

See more of her incredible work HERE

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