Blogging for Peace….



Can one person make a difference?

I believe that they can.  I believe that we all make a difference just by the nature of our very presence here.  How much of a difference we make is up to us.

Recently I came across an individual determined to make a difference in the lives of us all.  “Blogging for Peace”.. is a wonderful idea, encouraging all of us in the blogasphere to make a concerted effort to speak about, to write about, to illustrate and to contribute to the spread of Peace in whatever way comes naturally to us as individuals.

Anyone who knows me, knows that Peace is a passion of mine.  I seriously struggle with violence in any form, even if it is just be for “entertainment”.. which personally I will never understand.

So I encourage my fellow bloggers to make the commitment to join us in our efforts to spread the Peace, spread the Love, and stand up for the kind of world that I think we all want to live in.  We truly CAN make a difference.  Simply by our willingness to try… by placing the focus of attention on a better, more peaceful world… we DO make a difference.  “Where attention goes, energy flows”.  Let’s put our attention on a Peaceful world for all of us, and just see what can happen when people join together in a common goal.  Click the image below, and join the revolution!!

Blogging for Peace

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