Feeling Guilty…


Baby Wren

Devastating flooding continues to affect parts of my home state, Queensland.  Neighbouring areas went under this weekend, with road closures and many, many homes being lost completely.  The number of affected people continues to rise.

But what of my own home.

Well… the major affect of the over 300mms of rain on my place, is that my once, dry, barren, drought affected garden, now looks amazing.  It’s lush, it’s green, the trees have sprung back to life, and basically it has been a huge blessing.  It’s true… that roads and bridges in my area are damaged, and in some cases completely destroyed.  But my own home looks better than ever.

It’s hard not to feel an enormous amount of guilt over that.

An event that has been destroying lives all around me, has actually been a godsend to me.  That’s kinda hard to take.

Neighbouring towns, places I have visited, some I know well… inundated, destroyed.


But then again… don’t’ we all have neighbours who are struggling. 

Places we have visited.  Places we have only seen on TV.  Some we might not have even heard of.  But neighbours nonetheless.

It’s not like we have somewhere else to go.  We are in this together, whether we like it or not… whether we acknowledge it or not.

All over this planet of ours (this home of ours), we have neighbours who are in need.  And we can choose to feel bad, to feel guilty for our own good fortune whilst so many suffer.. it’s natural.  Or we can choose to act in whatever way we deem necessary and feel comfortable with.  Whether it’s to contribute financially.. demonstrate kindness to those in need.. prayer.. education.. being more aware of the fragility of our environment and acting accordingly, or even just leading by positive example.  We can all make a difference.  We must!!