Expressing Gratitude…



This past Australia Day weekend saw disastrous flooding down the east coast of Australia yet again.  A tropical cyclone hit the east coast of Queensland along with numerous tornadoes (something almost unheard of in Australia) and torrential rain, continues to make it’s way down the New South Wales coast, wreaking havoc as it goes.

We were amongst the very fortunate ones.  Over 300mms of rain fell on my home town this past weekend, breaking the drought in spectacular fashion.  Roads and bridges were damaged, people are cut off from home and work and school.  Many lost power.  But again… we were lucky.


Local Kingaroy Road

Surrounding towns, including Queensland’s capital, Brisbane have gone underwater for the second time in as many years.  Many who had just finished restoring their homes from the last flood in 2011, have once again gone under.  And locally, roads that were just (literally this past week) finally repaired, have been destroyed yet again.

It is at times like this that we pause and think how incredibly fortunate we are.

How often to take the things that we have for granted?

How often do we fail to appreciate the relative luxury that we enjoy daily?

And how often do we underestimate the incredible power of mother nature… asserting our arrogance and assuming our superiority as human beings.  It’s times like this that mother nature lets us know just how vulnerable we truly are…

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