As Free As The Birds…


Just Stretchin

I love watching the birds in my backyard.  Photographing them too, obviously.  They are so much fun to watch.  Each has their own unique personalities.

Some are very loud and boisterous.  Some travel only in families and groups.  Some are timid.  Some even eat right out of my hands.

There are really colourful one’s with colourful personalities to match.  And there are quiet, unobtrusive one’s that you rarely even notice.

Some get along well with the other birds in the yard…. some do not.

But they all have one thing in common.

One thing that I think I admire most about them.

They never apologise for being exactly who and what they are.

There is no pretence.  No game playing.  No lying.

When they are hungry, they let me know.  When they wish to be left alone, they let me know.  And if they are scared, or angry, or happy, or playful… well they make no attempt to hide those feelings either.

They are just who they are.

Never once have they upset me… or offended me.  If they don’t wish my company, they let me know, and that has always been OK, because I know that it is not a personal statement about my worthiness to be around.  It just means that they wish some privacy.  I respect that.  There is no game playing whatsoever involved.

And there’s just such a refreshing honesty in that.  It’s something that is so rarely seen in humans.  Even with those we are closest to…. or especially with those we are closest to.  Not wanting to offend.  Not wanting to upset the status quo.  Or maybe just fear of rejection, or feeling invalidated.  Whatever the reason, and however honourable the motivates, we humans are just not as free as the birds.