The End of the Tunnel..


Muntapa Tunnel

When I set out on this journey my goal was simple.  I wanted to become the best possible photographer that I could become.  And from humble beginnings I have improved.  I have studied, and learned, and practised, and gotten better.  But I have also gotten very distracted.

Producing high quality work is one mark of success… but I got very caught up in another mark of success.  I wanted SO badly to be able to call myself a “professional” that I seriously believed financial or business success was the only success that counted… that meant anything.  To the point where producing the best work possible for me, became a secondary consideration.

I am not currently the best photographer that I can be.

I still have MUCH to learn.

In the past 12 months this blog has grown and blossomed and turned into something that I am very proud of.  I have SO many incredible followers, whose loyalty and love and dedication to this blog, blows my mind!!

But it has been so much more than just a photography blog.  I never believed that the general population was the least bit interested in which f-stop I used, or what the ISO was.  So I wanted to talk about things that interest me.  Turns out, that some of those things interest you as well… and that has been a true blessing.  However, after an entire lifetime of being on a spiritual and personal development path.. it is now becoming increasingly clear to me that I in fact, know very little.  And certainly not enough to be advising other people.

Don’t get me wrong…. I “know” a lot of stuff.  Intellectually, I “know” a lot of stuff.  I have read all the classics when it comes to spirituality and personal development.  I read the books.. listen to the tapes… download the podcasts… do the meditations.  But until I can actually “walk the talk”… and do it 100% of the time, then I no longer feel that I am in a position to be telling anyone else how to live their lives.


All this rambling to get to my message…

I intend to stop blogging.

In this current format at least.

Knowing me and my massive ego… I am sure that if I get a killer shot that I just absolutely can not resist sharing with the world, then I will have to post it.

And maybe it’s just the time of year.. December traditionally gets me very reflective and introspective.  But I feel I need to stop… take stock… regroup a little.  Focus on my craft.  Do better.  BE better.  Try harder.. but not from a pushing, forcing place, like I have so many times in the past.  But from a space of really connecting with what is important to me, as a person and as an artist.

And if I do have something to say that I feel is worth sharing… I will certainly do that also.

Winner of the Calendar draw is Simple Cherishes… Congratulations.  Please send me an email with your postal address and I will get your prize out to you asap.  Thank you again, to all who entered.