Be afraid… be VERY afraid!!!

At least that is what the media, and governments and most definitely TV would have you believe.  Taking a risk is completely out of fashion.

Play it safe.  Don’t rock the boat.

Just go about your business and no one gets hurt.

We live in troubling times….. or do we?  Do we really?

What is so different about today that yesterday didn’t face?  Maybe I am just incredibly fortunate but as far as I can tell life is better than it has ever been.  Yes, there is unemployment.  But there’s always been unemployment.   And there’s illness, and poverty, and war, and countless other tragedies.  But when hasn’t there been?

There’s also joy.  And beauty.  And music and art.  There’s love and friendship and support.

Recently after Hurricane Sandy, and closer to my home, when 3/4s of Queensland flooded in 2011… I saw devastation, and death and loss.  But I also saw people coming together like never before.   In Australia, people got on buses and planes to travel to the affected areas to lend a hand.  Strangers feed strangers.  People all over the country donated their time, their energy, their money, their clothes, food, household goods.. everything they could.

We can listen to the stories of doom and gloom.  We can choose to believe that times are tough and things are getting worse.  The planet is changing.  The climate is changing.  And this time next month none of us will be here anyway!!


We can quit focussing on all that is supposedly negative, and see things for how they truly are… Beautiful. Miraculous. Brimming with Potential. And above all else.. SAFE.