Let it go Louie….


It’s the first day of November already here in Australia… and at the risk of sounding much older than my years… BOY did this year fly by.  It seriously seems like just yesterday that I was welcoming in a new year and declaring to the world that 2012 was going to be my year.  I had big plans for this year.  I thought it was the year that I was finally going to take off, career wise.

That never happened.

Not yet anyway.

And part of me has a great deal of regret over that.

I got distracted.  Family issues took up my time.  Health issues most certainly took up my time.  Life just kinda got in the way, and before I knew it the year was almost gone.

Now I have been very tempted to beat myself up over that.  All that I didn’t achieve, still lies before me.   Maybe 2012 wasn’t meant to be my year after all.  Who knows, maybe 2013 will be.  Maybe I will mount an eleventh hour push and somehow achieve greatness in the coming weeks.

Or maybe I will just accept that what was…. was.

Whatever I did do this year… great or small… was my own unique contribution to the world. And I know in my heart that I have to find a way to be happy and satisfied with that.

And after all…… tomorrow is another day.