Doing Better….



“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

What are you willing to do to “fit in”?  How many of your personal values are you willing to compromise in order to “not rock the boat”?

When I was growing up, I heard something from my father over and over and over and over again, until the very sound of it now sends chills up my spine.  He said.. “anything for peace”.

At first brush that might sound like good advice, but you need to understand the context in which it was being said.  My father was a “not rock the boat” kind of guy.  He would turn the other cheek, he would turn a blind eye, to the most horrible of behaviours, just to keep, what he believed was peace.

And yes, he was avoiding conflict at all cost…. but how high was that cost exactly?

His silence allowed the continuation of abuse, both verbal and sometimes physical.  His silence might have seemed like the easier option at the time, but what did his silence cost in the long run?

Do you speak out?

When you see an injustice, do you speak out?

When you witness blind hatred, or abuse, or racism, do you speak out?

Or do you keep the peace?

Do you blindly agree with those around you, because you want to fit in?

Do you share their opinions, even though you know in your heart that they are narrow minded and hateful, just to feel accepted by the mob?

Do you listen to the wee small voice inside you…. or the screaming loud majority… filling the air with propaganda and rhetoric?

Be brave…. show courage…. do what you know to be right… not what you know to be popular.

You may find yourself with a few less friends, but hey… what kind of friends where they to begin with.  Stand for quality over quantity.  Be the bigger person.  It’s never too late to be the person who you know deep inside you could be.  You are not the product of your upbringing.  You are not the result of societal programming.  You are a child of God!  You know better.

Now go out and do better.