True Revolution….


I don’t know if you have seen it… the new show “Revolution”… but if not there are hundreds more like it.  In fact Hubby and I watched a rather disturbing (but ultimately hopeful) movie on the weekend called “the Book of Eli”.

Both of these were post apocalyptic stories of survival and how man would cope with the loss of life as we currently know it.  And both of these (and many others like it), portray a very disturbing picture.  Man harming his fellow man… fighting for food…. killing for possessions.  The strong overcoming the weak.  Exploitation.  Violence.  And every kind of atrocity Hollywood can graphically come up with.

I suppose that is what passes for entertainment these days, but I personally have a very difficult time dealing with such concepts.

Now I’m not a 2012 doomsdayer by any means… but statistically speaking the likelihood of any of us living out our entire lives without some kind of disaster, be it natural or manmade, are probably not that good.  The climate is getting more and more interesting.  We are apparently overdue for an ice-age.  Meteorites are not entirely out of the question. And my personal current favourite, the solar mass ejection taking out the power grid.

And what will the world be like should something like this befall us?

We can murder each other over a loaf of bread.

We can trample over the weak and fear the strong.

Or we could stand together.  Co-operate.  Take care of each other.  Share our gifts, and talents.

Nature was once thought of as a “survival of the fittest” scenario.. aka Charles Darwin.  However it is now being revealed that nature works predominantly on a co-operational society structure.

And I am sure that we don’t have to wait until the doomsday to implement this kind of thinking into our existence. Who can you help today?  How can you be of assistance?  It doesn’t have to be big things.  In fact small gestures often have a much greater impact.  Sow the seeds of kindness.  Lead by example.  I would hate to think that Hollywood has it right and that is how we choose to show who we really are.  We ARE better than that.  We were created better than that.  Now is our chance to prove it. Before it’s too late.