Spring is well under way here in Australia.  I LOVE Spring.  Always have.  It’s such a hopeful time of year.  New life, new beginnings.  Fresh starts.  A time of renewal and absolute beauty.

Plus, being someone who has not yet found a way to appreciate winter, Spring is wonderful for the sheer fact that it represents the longest possible time until winter rears it’s ugly head once more.

My garden is full of flowers.. or plants just waiting to burst into flower.  Fruit trees laden with possibility. And the green is somehow different to the green of the rest of the year.  It’s newer somehow.  Brighter.  Younger.  Not yet tainted by summers harsh light.  It’s such a magical green.

Winter is traditionally a time of reflection.  Introspection.

But Spring speaks of potential…. of promises yet fulfilled.  Like a child on the night before Christmas, Spring endears me with anticipation, expectancy.  A sense of wonder.

I defy anyone not to love Springtime.