Keeping it Simple….


A few months ago when we thought that we would be moving home, and the house was on the market…. I did the natural thing, and had a good clean out.  Since hubby and I have moved quite a bit during our marriage, this was nothing new, and to be honest I like a good clean out…. it’s very cathartic to me.

But this time I was particularly brutal.

I donated car load after car load of things to the op shop (good will).  Hubby wanted to hold a garage sale, but that just isn’t my style.   Things that I had lugged across the country, and then lugged all over the state, I got rid of.  Things that were of great sentimental and emotional value to me.. GONE.

You see…. I realised something.  Things are just things.

The thing that made the objects valuable to me, still very much exists.

Memories are still in tact.  Emotions are still my own.  Thoughts and feelings and things that make a person smile when no-one else is looking… are all still there.  Just the objects are gone.

And now, instead of clogging up my cupboards and wardrobes, they have gone on to make new and special memories with other families.  Families that may not have ever had those kinds of opportunities otherwise.  How special is that!

I’ve never really been much of a hoarder.  The old “one day this will come in handy for something”… isn’t really me either.  The way I figure it… if the day should come when I need a certain something… it will be there.  And if it’s not there… then I never really needed it after all.