Back to basics…


When I first started my photographic journey, I mostly shot things from around my own backyard.  Bugs, and flowers, and my big love was Birds.  I loved the thrill of the chase of “catching” a good bird shot.  It’s always a challenge as they don’t often sit still and pose for you.

Then after I got my first wide angle lens, I discovered my absolute passion for landscape photography… and since a 10mm lens weighs considerably less than a 500mm one, it’s much easier when travelling around.

In the past few weeks, my health situation has seen me having to stay very close to home.  I haven’t had the opportunity to do much shooting (or much else for that matter).. but once or twice I have been blessed with a little feathered visitor or two.

This morning whilst having my breaky,  I saw from my back window a new face.  A spiny-cheeked honeyeater.  I had never ever seen one of these beauties before, and there he was, sitting on my back deck.  So despite my current illness, …. Dressed in nothing but a robe and slippers, and armed with my trusty camera, the adrenalin rush kicked in.

It was such a thrill to catch a new little birdie.

So whilst the past few weeks have been extremely difficult ….. the silver lining has been a rediscovery of my “photography roots” so to speak.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to stalk the little birdies… and now I have a little furry friend in Molly, who helps me stalk them.  I just hope that I can teach her to look, not touch.