Lessons from Molly….


Upside down

As I lay here in bed, early on the next to last day of winter… with a small kitten sitting on my chest, watching each and every keystroke as it appears on the screen, with such intensity, it’s as though her very existence depended on it… I am moved to share with you the lessons this wee one has imparted to me, in the very short time that we have been together already.

Firstly…. LIVE life.  I mean totally.  Full out.  No holes barred.  No apologise.  Just live it.

Be in the moment.

Be so completely present to each and every unfolding moment, as though the past never existed and the future is merely a rumour of things to come.

Sleep when you are tired.  Eat when you are hungry.  And when you are feeling playful… don’t hold back.

You body knows what it needs WAY better than you head could ever conceive of trying to figure out…. LISTEN TO IT.

Love with ALL of your heart.

Because in the end… LOVE is all there is.